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I barely made it out alive


Initial D - 20th Anniversary Lego Set

Kudos go to LEGO Ideas user and Initial D fan Denil Oh, for creating this splendid Initial D set, complete with Toyota AE86, Tōfu shop and Fujiwara Takumi minifig. What he needs is our help.

LEGO Ideas is an official platform for new ideas by the community to make dreams reality. Everyone can submit a project and collect supporters. The goal is to collect 10.000 supporters within a year to reach the review phase. Once through, the set will then be added to the LEGO catalog.

To make this project happen for the 20th anniversay of Initial D in 2015, we need every support we can get, so please spread the word, reblog, share on other platforms and help.

LEGO Ideas Project page for Initial D - 20th Anniversary

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My somewhat unusual F1 2013 strategy finally worked!

2nd in India (in a Williams too)!!! WOOOOOO!!! I’ve been waiting 4 races for my “start on the prime, switch to the option while everyone else does it the other way around” to finally pay off and give me a top 5 result.


”?!” makes a sound in my head, but I can’t describe what it is.

This is probably the closest thing to describe it.

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Affiche 12 h de Sebring 1972 - Facebook

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this photo makes me feel like someone traveled to an alternate dimension and brought back something that shouldnt exist

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Wait... What happens if the turbo and vtec kick in at the same time?

The last four days summed up in one photo. #SacAnime